The Journey So Far

An adventure based campaign, the party begin as militia members sent to escort wounded traders back to their town, but upon discovering the survivors of the bandit attack missing, along with a secure chest the caravan was hired to deliver, the party is sent off in pursuit of the victims and the contents of the chest.
But all is not so simple in their request, and the road back home from the bandits lair will prove far longer than the road to get there.
Along the way they will encounter the animals that take easy pickings of travellers along the road, they'll cross swords with the mysterious Ghost Of The Fog, and uncover the sort of tale that gives birth to a legend.

The party are members of the local militia of the small town of Wheatrun. While they have a small standing guard, the local mayor is able to call upon the militia in times of need.
The Mayor, Cecil Wendon, was approached by a wounded trader who arrived in the town on horseback in the early hours of the morning, telling of his caravan being attacked by bandits and calling for aid to go out, meet up with the remnants of the caravan, and help escort the survivors to the town.
Unwilling to send out the guard due to the obvious bandit presence in the area, the Mayor has dispatched the militia to do this task. The militia will, of course, be paid a standard sum by the Mayor and the council for their service, and the trader has promised payment of his own.

The party (Krol & Rock, Grod, Jane, Belka, and Phillipe) left the town upon horses lent to them by Daryl, a local farmer, after picking them up from The Scrawny Dog Inn, owned and run by the Tuppys (Aryn Tuppy, Anita Tuppy, and their son Samson Tuppy).
Discovering the campsite in ruins, with all the survivors either dead or taken, the group discovered a small Tidy Trunk Chest that had been looted, with a letter inside reading:'My apologies for having to do the delivery this way, but the roads aren't safe and I am too old to brave them. I hope you use it well. Barden has been paid in full for the delivery, and you can trust his discretion, for if there was any chance the wrong people discovered I was sending it away after everything it gave me, I wouldn't have sent it at all.
My love, your grandfather.
P.S: If someone other than my grandaughter Aleese is reading this, then enjoy the short time you'll get with my prize, and certainly give the Ghost my regards when he comes for it.'

Following tracks leading away, and dispatching bandits left to guard the trail along the way, the group succesfully recovered Maryssa, the merchant Bardens wife, who revealed that the bandits had been hired to steal a mask the caravan had been delivering, and had kidnapped her sister-in-law and son.

Following clues left behind, the group ended up in one of the nameless inns along The Road, there they heard rumors of the Ghost being active in the area, along with reports of mysterious creatures along the road that look like normal people but move strangely, and also reports that Baurus, the local bandit chief, was based at one of the old watchtowers.
Barden unfortunately died in an assassination attempt orchestrated by Baurus, to clear up loose ends.

Confronting Baurus at the watchtower, the bandit released a necrophidius built by his benefactor from the remains of Bardens sister, before making a swift escape.
Easily dispatching the badly constructed foe, the group recovered notes detailing the troop movements of Baurus and his men, with 30 of his men leaving for a cave base in the hills to the north, while Baurus and his lieutenants remained behind to keep up a presence.
Pursuing Baurus into the forest, with the assistance of the Ghost they managed to take him alive, interrogating him for the location of Bardens son before executing him for his crimes.

The party traveled to the caves, discovering many warped and depraved experiments conducted by their foe on dozens of bodies, in what they would later find out is an ancient shrine to Ba'Shata. Finding Bardens son strapped to a table, also the product of an experiment, they mercy killed him, recovered a journal, and departed.
Encountering the Ghost once more, and then returning to Wheatrun, the militia were then dispatched to the town of Woodhome, a town currently afflicted with a plague. They were tasked with pursuing their foe by Cecil, and privately requested to search for Aleese by the Ghost.

Arriving in Woodhome, the groups arrival was noted and they were escorted to Aleese's clinic to be checked-up on any symptoms, where they then told her many of their motives for traveling to Woodhome and she requested their help dealing with the plague, in return she offered to tell them everything she knows about Lazorus.
Finally having a name for their foe, the party were granted permission to enter the Dead Zone by the Council.

The Journey So Far

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